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Cobra Product Guide Fi2000R®

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We'll make this simple. We've already programmed all the complicated work into our Fi2000R® fuel-injected tuner so that the hardest thing you have to do is plug it in. It's fuel injection management that works just like a carburetor jet kit, working to eliminate problems assoiated with lean fuel mixtures. The Fi2000R® is brand and model specific so you don't have to mess with computer downloads or dyno runs to make it work properly. And yes, it's just that easy.

3 Dials
  • LOW-Speed Dial
    • This control functions just like the air mixture screw on a carburetor, controlling off-idle fuel demands.
  • MID-Speed Dial
    • This is the equivalent of the needle and clip position on a carburetor.
    • Each two increments equals dropping the clip on a needle one position.
  • HIGH-Speed Dial
    • This is your main jet.
    • Each numbered increment is the same as going up one main jet size starting with the stock size at zero.
  • All Fi2000 models function the same except for the A.R.B. units for California riders. The difference is in how they connect to the motorcycle.
  • Fi2000R installs with OEM factory connectors
  • Fi2000 02 installs with OEM factory connectors and includes connectors for exhaust system oxygen sensors
  • A.R.B. units for use in California are not adjustable
Advanced Fi Circuitry
  • More than 1200 lines of computer code perform more than 1300 fuel-injection operations by the time you give the throttle one good warm up twist. And because the Fi200R® is preconfigured for your specific bike, you should never need to adjust it. Of course, we designed it so you can

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Fi2000R® - 06-10
product # 692-1606
Fi2000R® - Thru '05 Only
product # 692-1605
Fi2000R® - A.R.B. - Thru '05 Only
product # 692-1605-50
Fi2000R® - Closed Loop - 2006
product # 692-1609CL
Fi2000R® - Closed Loop - A.R.B. - 2006
product # 692-1609CL-50
Fi2000R® - Closed Loop - 2007
product # 692-1606CL
Fi2000R® - Closed Loop - 08-10
product # 692-1610CL
Fi2000R® - Closed Loop - A.R.B. - 07-10
product # 692-1606CL-50